Taxi Batalha

Taxi Batalha is a taxi service operating in the village of Batalha and Lisbon, in Portugal. We do the transport of passengers from the airport of Lisbon to any hotel in Batalha and vice versa.

Batalha Monastery

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About us

We are a Portuguese taxi company fully licensed for transportation in taxi vehicles and our team is composed of experienced drivers who have had more than 120 hours of professional training before being approved to drive taxi vehicles.

We assure you the following:

positive arrow No taxi queues at Lisbon Airport. The driver will wait for you on the day and time scheduled. Do not worry if there are delays with the flight because the driver will track your flight;

positive arrow Clean and modern taxis;

positive arrow Free Wi-Fi and Water on board;

positive arrow Fixed price. The final price includes all expenses (tolls, luggage, fees).

How to book

You can book our taxi Batalha service by clicking the “Book Now” button at the bottom of this page. You will be presented with a form that will have to be completed by you with all the details of your trip. Once finished click on the “Submit” button.

You will receive an email that will put your reservation in pending status. As soon as we have reviewed your booking and if everything is correct, we will send you a new email confirming your reservation.

How to find the driver in Lisbon Airport or at hotels in Batalha

Lisbon airport: The driver will be next to the arrivals area of the airport. you can find it near the Vodafone store and he will be displaying a sign with your name.

Hotels in Batalha: The driver and his taxi will be at the main entrance of your hotel.

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