2 Hours & 10 Minutes – Taxi from Lisbon to Albufeira

Book now your taxi from Lisbon to Albufeira! We can pick you up at Lisbon airport, hotels in Lisbon, or anywhere else in the city of Lisbon!

Taxi from Lisbon to Albufeira

Taxi is the fastest and most comfortable way to go from Lisbon to Albufeira. We are a high quality taxi company and we can pick you up anywhere in Lisbon at anytime.

Car CapacityTaxi Service IncludesPrice
Up to 4 passengersEnglish Driver, Internet on board, Air-Conditioned, Baby-seats, Pets totally allowed307 euros
Up to 8 passengers393 euros


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Our taxi fare from Lisbon to Albufeira is 307 euros for up to 4 passengers and 393 euros for up to 8 persons. This final price includes all existing taxes, such as local VAT, tolls, or use of very large and heavy luggage.

About our taxi company

We are a taxi company based in the city of Lisbon and we do the transportation of passengers in fully licensed portuguese taxis. We have all the compulsory insurance to transport passengers by taxi.

About the taxi drivers

Our taxis are driven by experienced drivers who have worked with our team for several years, and all the drivers before joining our team were forced to attend a period of professional training in order to perform their function in the best way.

About our vehicles

Our fleet has 4 seat taxis and 8 seat taxis, and all our taxis comply with strict quality standards. They are modern cars equipped with internet via wi-fi, air-conditioned, baby-seats if needed, and all those itens are of free use.

About your taxi ride from Lisbon to Albufeira

We usually pick up our clients on Lisbon airport or hotels in the city of Lisbon and surrounding areas such as Cascais and Sintra and then we go directly to Albufeira. There is no need to stop during the trip, but if you want we can stop one time in the middle of the route to rest a bit or eat something. Our drivers are very professional and they speak English.

There are several service stations along the way, but the ones that are exactly in the middle of the route are the service station of Aljustrel and the next one is the service station of Almodôvar.

Main advantages of our taxi service

  • positive arrow Door-to-Door service. We provide a direct trip between the locations that you choose through our reservation system. Go directly from Lisbon to the exact desired location in Albufeira. We don’t stop during the trip, only if you ask to.
  • positive arrow Professional drivers. We provide English speaking drivers that can help you not only to drive you from Lisbon to Albufeira but they can also provide help with your luggage, or give you tips about the best restaurants in Albufeira or other questions you may have.
  • positive arrow Avoid taxi queues at Lisbon airport. Usually when passengers arrive in Lisbon airport they need to take a queue in order to get taxi that is waiting in the taxi line. This usually takes a lot of time, but depends on the season, or if there are big events occurring in Lisbon that causes a surge in the passenger traffic at Lisbon Airport. Booking a taxi through us you avoid all that waiting because we will wait for you with your name written on a tablet, as soon as you arrive in the arrivals area you will see the driver with exhibit your name in the tablet, and then you go directly to the taxi that is located in the car park closest to the airport.
  • positive arrow No hidden extras. The final price includes all expenses (such as tolls, luggage)… The price we show you is the final and fixed price you will pay. You don’t need to pay extra money to use baby-seats or wi-fi during the trip, everything is included on our final price.
  • positive arrowWe don’t need to stop to pay tolls. Most taxis in Portugal need to stop on tolls to make the payment manually, but that’s not our case. There are some tolls between Lisbon and Albufeira but we don’t need to stop the car to make the manual payment because we have the electronic device installed on our taxis in order to make the payment automatically as soon as we pass the toll.

Details about the transfer

Our taxi service from Lisbon to Albufeira is totally accomplished by highway (A2) and it takes about 2h20 minutes until you reach the city of Albufeira.

The trip can be made directly without stops, or if you wish the driver can stop the vehicle in a service station so that you rest a few minutes.

How to book your taxi from Lisbon to Albufeira through our website

Simple! Click the “Book Now” button at the bottom of this page and fill out the form with all the requested details and after that click on the “Submit” button.

After that we will send you an email that will put your reservation in pending status. As soon as we analyze your reservation we will send you the final email that will confirm the reservation.

How you can find the driver in Lisbon airport or Lisbon hotels

Lisbon Airport: The driver will be in the arrival area next to the Vodafone store displaying a sign with your name.

Hotels in Lisbon: The driver and the taxi will be at the main entrance of the hotel.

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Are roads safe in Portugal?

As your taxi trip is over 200 kilometers it is normal for you to question if the roads in Portugal and in particular the motorways are of good quality. We can assure you that yes, they are of excellent quality.

In fact, Portugal has the best roads of almost all European countries. Only Switzerland and Netherlands are ranked above. Source here

Intelligent transportation from Lisbon airport to Albufeira

Our drivers track your flight in real time through online tools and they will know the exact time you land at the Lisbon Airport. That’s the reason why we ask you to provide your flight number so we can send it to the driver.

You don’t need to wait. We are the ones waiting for you!

How can I pay the taxi ride from Lisbon to Albufeira?

Our booking process is totally free. You only need to pay as soon you arrive in the taxi or at the end of the trip.

We accept several methods, or at least the most common methods to pay for taxi services. So in short, we accept payments in cash or through debit and credit cards of the most popular brands.

What kind of pets can I bring with me in the taxi?

We love and accept all kind of pets. Just make sure you can control your pet and bring a cage or something that guarantees the safety of all passengers, as animals are unpredictable and can cause accidents if precautionary measures are not taken.

Albufeira has everything you need for a holiday period

Albufeira is the most popular city in Algarve for touristic reasons. Albufeira has some of the best beaches in Algarve, and definitely have the best nightlife and restaurants of the whole region.

It is a place despite its popularity among tourists that you can relax because it is very low populated.

You can visit Albufeira in any month, usually weather is always good, almost no rain the whole year, and almost always sunny. During December and February could be a bit cold but if you’re British it stills a reasonable weather comparing with the very cold winter in United Kingdom.

July and August are the busiest months, and where the weather is warmest. If you are looking for a fun nightlife these might be the best months. If you just want to relax and avoid the crowded beaches and the city itself then there are better months such as May, June, September or October.

Beaches in Albufeira

We must say that all beaches in Albufeira are amazing. Even in the whole Algarve region the vast majority of beaches are very beautiful, where natural beauty predominates, you don’t hear the noise of cars or giant skyscrapers next to the beaches. All natural beaches with fine yellow sand, and cliffs in yellow and red tones. Pure natural beauty!

The sea is almost always calm, except during the winter when it is only reasonably rough. September and October are when the sea temperature is mild.

Taxis in Albufeira

Finding taxis in Albufeira could be hard, usually in the peak season they are always busy and you can’t find any even in the main taxi stations. However, you can always ask for a taxi in a restaurant or at your hotel, they will provide you a taxi to take you back to Faro airport or anywhere you want to go.

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