Transfer from Lisbon to Coimbra

Book now your private taxi transfer from Lisbon to Coimbra! We can pick you up at Lisbon airport or at any hotel near Lisbon.

We are an experienced taxi company with accredited and equally experienced drivers who will take you directly to the door of your accommodation in Coimbra.

We can do both trips, from Lisbon to Coimbra and from Coimbra to Lisbon.


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Our vehicles are modern and fully equipped with free wi-fi system, air conditioning, water, payments through debit/credit cards. We have two types of vehicles available: taxis with capacity for 4 passengers and taxis with capacity for 8 passengers.

All the cars are in perfect conditions of cleaning and this is one of the aspects that we consider more, since it is not pleasant to do 200 km of trip in dirty cars with bad smell. Do not worry because we assure you a vehicle of quality to transport you comfortably to your destination.

positive arrow Avoid the queues to catch a taxi at lisbon airport;

positive arrow No hidden extras. The final price is fixed and includes all expenses;

positive arrow Door-to-Door Private Transfers;

positive arrow Experienced and licensed drivers.

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How it works

You click the big “Book Now” button above this sentence, then fill in the form and wait for our confirmation. The online reservation is free. The payment of the trip is made at the beginning or at the end of the trip, depending on the driver.

Where do I find the driver?

Finding the driver either at Lisbon airport or next to your hotel in lisbon is quite simple and practical.

We send you these instructions by email, but we can also reveal them here:

Lisbon airport: The driver will be next to the arrivals zone of Lisbon airport, very close to the Vodafone store and he will be accompanied by a small placard displaying your name that you used in the online reservation.

Hotels in Lisbon: In hotels is also quite simple. he will be with the taxi in front or near the main entrance of the hotel.

What kind of road is used during the trip?

Portugal has very good roads and in this case in particular we use the A1 highway that allows us to reach Coimbra more quickly and in greater safety.

The trip between Lisbon and Coimbra is 203 kms and has the duration of 1h50 minutes.

Are there any stops during the trip?

We advise a stop of 10 minutes in the middle of the trip so that all passengers rest a little. But if you do not want to stop we can make the trip without any stop.