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We are a Portuguese taxi company and we transport passengers throughout the Portuguese territory.

Safety and Comfort

Traveling with us is traveling safely and comfortably. If you travel with us by taxi from Lisbon to Porto you can count on modern and clean taxis, guided by licensed and experienced drivers.

We carry out maintenance operations on our taxis on a regular basis, either cleaning operations to ensure a good interior smell as well as an interior and exterior brightness, as well as mechanical operations to ensure the vehicle’s eligibility to safely carry passengers.

We also have compulsory insurance for taxi transportation that covers all taxi passengers.

positive arrow Door to Door Private Transfer;

The transfer from Lisbon to Porto is performed on motorways due to its greater safety and speed in arriving to Porto.

We can pick you up in your hotel in the region of Lisbon and take you directly to Porto city without any kind of stops.

positive arrow Free 4g Internet through Wi-Fi & Free Water

A taxi from Lisbon to Porto needs to be well equipped because this trip takes about 2h30. To entertain you during your taxi trip from Lisbon to Porto and apart from the obvious free airconditioning, we have at your disposal 4g internet in all taxis as well as free bottled water.

positive arrow No hidden costs (the final price includes tolls & all other taxes);

The final price of the trip is fixed and already includes all travel expenses such as VAT, tolls and luggage.

positive arrow Fully legalized taxi company;

Our taxi company is fully licensed for the transport of passengers in Portuguese taxis. All cars have the normal colors of Portuguese taxis (sea green and black).

positive arrow Experienced and licensed taxi drivers.

All of our taxi drivers are licensed professionals which means they have been the target of several tests in which they have been successful. In this way, they all have a professional card that shows their proper licensing of a professional taxi driver, and that same identification must be placed in the central part of the taxi.

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How much cost a private taxi transfer from Lisbon to Porto?

A taxi from Lisbon to Porto costs 319 euros for a vehicle up to 4 passengers, and 379 euros for a vehicle up to 8 passengers.

This is the normal taxi fare for a trip from Lisbon to Porto?

No, it’s a little higher. Picking up a taxi on the street and using the normal tariffs of Portuguese taxis through taximeter the final price is a bit more expensive. During the day will be something around 338 euros. And at night time as well as during the 24 hours of weekends or national holidays will be something around 398 euros.

These prices are for taxi vehicles with capacity for 4 passengers and tolls and luggages are already included in both examples.

Why do we lower prices?

We try to offer a taxi service of the highest quality possible and with the lowest price possible. Although the fuel price in Portugal is among the highest in Europe and taxi fares are cheap compared to other European countries, we still try to lower prices even more so as to encourage people to use the taxi service on their trips.

What kind of roads drivers use?

There are several ways to go from Lisbon to Porto. We always choose the motorways in all our travels. Although they are paid through tolls, they allow us to get to Porto faster and also have greater security than if we used the Portuguese national roads.

The trip is all done by the A1 motorway and there is only some road traffic when leaving the city of Lisbon and at the end of the trip when arriving at the city of Porto.

During the trip the speed is almost always constant and the A1 motorway is of excellent quality.

How many kilometers and how much time?

A direct trip from Lisbon to Porto without stops takes about 2h30 minutes, and are about 307 kms.

Are there any stops in the middle of the route?

It’s up to you. Our cars are comfortable, but whenever you want to stop just let the driver know.

How can I book this transfer?

Click the “book now” button at the bottom of this page, and complete the form with all the requested data.

After sending the form, you will receive an email that will put your reservation in pending status. After analyzing your reservation we will send the final confirmation email.

How can I find the driver?

In Lisbon airport: The driver will be in the arrivals area next to the Vodafone store with a sign showing your name.

In your hotel: The driver will wait for you on the day and time marked at the door of your hotel.

Which Payment methods are available?

You can pay through cash or through our credit/debit cards terminal available on all taxis.